Sez1 - Graffiti in Canada, Vancouver, Toronto, Edmonton and other remote areas
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SEZ1.COM features graffiti, murals and street art from around the world. 

We focus mainly on Vancouver, Canada, but we also feature throw-ups, tags, piecing & murals from other towns and villages like Toronto, Edmonton, Los Angeles, Antwerp, Iceland and Venice Beach.

Fitness? We support keep-fit programs 100%.  What better Sunday Activity than to head down the tracks with a 6-pak of Krylon & Bud, throw up a 3-color piece, then bike over to Stanley Park to feed the penguins?  Whatever way you shake the bud, so will grow the tree.  Run and Race or Spray in your place.  NEWS! Finally North Battleford, SK, has it's immortal place as Graf Center of North-East Central Saskatchewan!  Whoa!!

Listen: some of the best graffiti in the world can be found on TRAINS. For this very reason, we implore you check out our TRAINS SECTION. Included in the TRAINS SECTION of course are delectable side-trips into the specialty world of WHOLE CARS, FACES, SIGS and more E2Es than you can shake a stick at.  Our TRAINS TRACKER, TRAINS ALBUM & NIGHT SHITS all offer arcane glimpses into the rusty red world of Locomotive Graffiti Art. Consult the SITE MAP or the TRAINS INDEX PAGE if you're lost in the abyss.

Sez1 Vancouver Train Graffiti Flick1
Experiment Title

Vancouver is home to the finest URBAN GRAFITTI outside of Harlem.

Our Vancouver INDEX PAGE will transport your undergarments to such jazzy stretches as DOWNTOWN, SKYTRAIN, NORTH VAN and the Historic and Affluent Beaches of Kitsilano.



If you really care about other minor villages in the Canadian Landscape, we introduce Toronto's fabled Queen St Alleyways and Edmonton's semi-legal rapid transit corridor, and extension of the fabulous and stuffy West Edmonton Mall.  Check out also, our Foreign Affairs Department, which pays tribute to Graffiti in the YUKON and SASKATCHEWAN.  What's that? A big bone for a small dog!!  "Where's Canada, anyways?" --> what part of the USA are you from?

Next door are the SKATE-PARKS, the places where our future juvenile delinquents learn to outrun the police and smoke banned substances.  Graffiti of all styles and qualities abounds there.  Take it all with a grain of salt or two.

vancouver graffiti cars - “Kaput - Wars - Mark4” Decorated VanCARS is our newest link, which is pretty skinny right now.  That's where NYC has us by the balls.  Not too many brightly disturbed vehicles in the Rainforest right now, but keep sending those postcards and souvenirs!


Yo! take it or leave it to beaver, this is ma momma, CandleDancer; wishin' you an' your lot the very best in Enlightenend Living!


Okay, now I'll simply shut-the-ƒuck up and let your fingers do the walking.  Enjoy your journey into extraterrestrial delights. SEZ1 is open 24 hours a day, every day of the year, except for Jewish Holidays and Gung Ho Fat Choy.  Comments, praises and pistachios can be sent into the sky via our secure and convenient user feedback formula on the CONTACT PAGE. Wanna share your secret flickopix with Billy Bix? We now can accept your graf shots and give you lime-light for a day. Visit our UPLOAD ADVISOR to find out why.

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