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This is MOSQUITO CREEK - "Then & Now"

Mosquito Creek is actually a river - of sorts - mostly in the spring thaw when the mountain comes down to join the Sea.  It carves a deep gorge just under the Trans-Canada highway, where - tragically, in unrelated incidences - two young men fell into a gap between the double overpasses and plummeted to their deaths. Completely unnecessary deaths on the scale of things.  But "justice, wisdom and foresight" are rarely bed-fellows, so the gaping crack took literally decades for pig-headed politicians to come to grips with.

In the meantime, North Van Taggers were madly at work.  Until very recently, there have been candles burning in memorials under the bridges for the lost lads, as well as a slew of talented Art Crimes for the local werewolves to gawk at. 


Other people go down there to walk their dogs, others to meditate and gain enlightenment.  The River feeds us all, one way or another.

Aside from the Tragic, theres color and Magic.  MOSQ CK was one of the earliest archelogical digs in TagLand locally.  If you've got a low-light camera and a pet dog to scurry with you, you're loggin'.

Possibly due to the private nature of the bridge underpinnings, Taggers could get their pieces up without worries of Police, Military or Ambulance Intervention.  We show you a series of pieces, taken spanning 2 years of romantic August nights.

WeJi and Bunny Shrinko (not present at this time) examine Bombing Exhibits and discarded artifacts.

On the far right, Huey & Co leave our retinas bewildered with Electric Metal garments on a concrete tombstone.

While we sharpen our pencils and charge up our transistor radios, plan on visiting us at Mosquito Creek Boot Camp in the near future.  We'll be digging thru the past, lobbing projectiles into the future, and chowing down in the moment called "now".

Bunny Shrinko is on extended Leave Of Absence, leaving the default documentation to WeJi and Hazbro.  We aim to please.



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