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Today's Special: the Loony Store for Mentally Challenged Bus Drivers

Today's Special.  Treat of the Week.  Dig your nose into something Substantial.  These are freshened up regularly, just like your pin-striped underwear.  Meant to inspire deep reflections and inner cravings, this showcase is merely a cross-section of current Writers and Current Writings.  Something like throwing a Kleenex into the Wind and making a wish for a Transgendered Barbie Doll.

Writers, Scrawlers, Boomers, Bombers, Scripters, Scribblers, Merchants of the Textbook of the Park

Graffiti Writers ... this is an index of indexes.  All under construction and revision, as our "vision" improves.  20-20 coke bottle bottoms with a touch of Rye. Included are Trains Crews, Vancouver Crews and Other writers, as well as alphabetized list of many, many many.  Your Tag missing and lost? Send a request to list a crew or writer.

What's new in your Bronx Zoo

What's New in Krylonville ... a few miscellaneous chunks of useless and confusing data from the Weird Wide Web.  Stuff you may already know or have already forgotten.  Go here if you're feeling lonesome and single on a Thursday night in Saskatoon.

It's a Moog Synthesizer, Spelled Backwards...

Graffiti from the 80's.  Can I lure you with a Looney Tune? The Adams Family, The Jetsons, Fred & Wilma, Miami Vice.  An era most of us forgot already.  It was the "cooling off" between the Hip Era and the Lost Generation. Frankie Castro tells us he's found the Real Gold, and it ain't in Das Kapital, nor is it in Mein Kampf.  Our gold-mines are empty because we are only generous on the surface.

Go Directly To Cairo, Do Not Collect $200

The Blue Pharoh.  Keep your clothes on, you're going way past "Mecca".  The Doorway to the East opens with a musty creek; the dank smell of centuries-old mildew permeates your Palestine Pan-Fries.  Too late to hang out your dirty laundry - you're off on the Long Trek through the Desert Night. You will make it alive, only if you remember the famous words of Rumi: "This is not a day for asking questions, not a day on any calendar...".

Plunge into the Abyss of Zena's Cunt...
The GRIFFIN GULCH ... Real Men carry spears and leave the women to do the Knitting.  Or is is the other way around?  In this politically-defective world of crossed male and female roles, the answer can only be found by males diving deep into their watery grief over the loss of their father.  Robert Bly would fart in his grave if I went any further with this.  The mystery's out: the cave-man lurks beneath the bridge with his Knitting Kneedles and his Krylon swimsuit...
Bad Ass Search Results Department
NO ASS is BAD ASS.  Sez1 offers a deep Hidden Peek into our Famous Search Engine Phrases.  Questions that got you here, Answers that made you Queer. It's Mind-Bending actually, ask my Dentist.  It's remarkable what people are looking for, and even moreso, what they find.
Go To Victoria and collect your Pension

Victoria.  Princess-Green-Slippers. No talking, please, this is a Library. Could just as well be London, Ontario on a Sunday.  And yes, Graffiti has all but disappeared from this Green and Sleepy village, partly due to Victoria's Archaic Anti-Grafitti Bylaw.  Read it and weep.  Read it and sleep.  Read it and go back to square one, Bo Peep.  Read it and follow the other flock of Sheep.

Don't Be Stupid, Live 'til you're 64!

Stupid Graffiti.  There's nothing quite like it.  Ruins your day when you're on the bus.  Pisses you off when you're walking in the park.   Makes you see double, even when you've had nary a beer.  It's STUPID GRAFFITI, installed by 12-year-old "undergrads" who are too dense to see the Writing On The Wall.  It furthers no one's economy. Read it and weep.

Read what Criminals do to Justice...

Vancouver's Archaic Graffiti Bylaw.  Here is a city where we punish "real crime".  Here is a city where we let Hockey Thugs paralyze each other for life and get off with a bouquet of flowers, but we send taggers to Jail. Here is a city where Turbanned bombers of Airlines get government loans to tell lies, but kids who color grey walls are thrown in the clanker.  Here is a city where Legal Ambition is spelled out in Toilet Paper that shreds as it dries on the clothesline.

This is the End, My Friend
This is the end, beautiful friend
This is the end, my only friend
The end of our elaborate plans
The end of ev'rything that stands
The end


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