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Welcome to our premiere installation of Night Shits.

This page will feature pieces shot by the light of the moon, and a flash-cube where indicated.  The bright hot-dog shaped entities you see amidst the graffiti are irridescent reflector strips placed on the trains so that mentally-challenged folks who drive SUV's at breakneck speed will have a chance to swallow their cell phone before the impact.  Make sense, Roscoe?

We begin with HOT - which doesn't say too much, other than a whole-wheat yahoo in the night.   Signed by the DEAD END KIDS, KING, HOTHEAD, & the #1 SUSPECTS, this piece stirs not my imagination, but does keep me glued to the television set, perhaps moreso than the Vancouver Canucks.

Next on the menu at Sez1's Night & Day Cafe, is JONES, a trickster in Grey, various shades of experimentation with primary greyscale and rudimentary design. 

It's a tribute to graveyards in the countryside, romantic places to read poetry at night.

Jones' brother, HOK, writes D&M or similar with a borrowed palette and possible inspiration by Labatt's Blue or other Canadian-made Neurotransmission Enchanters.  We can only assume such things are true.  The night with-holds it's own share of the Truth.

Canadian National is a Railroad that cares for its customers and, like the taggers, writes funny things on the sides of cars.  Some of these numbers have meaning, but only if you listen to Coast-To-Coast AM very carefully.

The featured tag on the left is an inspiring journey of letters making love to each other, sort of a group-sex thing with the Alphabet.  Perhaps an Edmonton fetish, but we don't know for sure.

My shoes will do the talking.

AAP and 4ELVEZ sign this freelance art project, which kind of looks like NORMS or ARMS, or WORMS if you really squint those kinky eyelids of yours.  It's all NORMal for worms to be wearing bifocals at this late hour. 

Another big Thanky-Wanky to CN RAIL and its subsidiaries for supporting Rusty Tank Artwork on Saturday night.   I forgot my coke bottle bottom contact lenses, so I'll gaze at the stars who inform me that this is signed by REAL, VEGA, ELEVATED, OPAZ (huh?) ... ok, you're into your Thesaurus again.

Too many crooks spoil the brocolli, mom says.

Theory and Fr8ophile defile cranky blue cars again, for you, wasted reader!

FR8OPHILE & THEORY tank it up again with one of their less memorable frescoes, although I happen to like the Skull.  Skulls are boy-things, just ask any mother.  Mothers work hard to create and sustain life.  Boys work hard to destroy and maim life.  According to various Freudian Theorists, this establishes a balance of sorts on a planet which is teetering on the Brink of things.

Nice, eh?

We have no number for this, except 952; we have no name, save the letter "D".

"D" for "Dave".

Dave's Not Here, Man.

This is a festively glimmering piece that glowd from between the boxcars, as so many do.

That's all.



Things are getting interesting as HEX presents us a little home-grown Canadian binary logic for our MANIC MONDAY evenings. Clearly blue, with nothing to do.

Last, but not least:

Looks like REMIO, but we've been known to misspell.

Simple, to the point, and light-hearted to boot.

We can all go home now and play "monster" in the basement.

Having fun yet?

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