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Ventilation Pipe Dreams - Graffiti on Vancouver's East Side

Spot the 7 mistakes in this picture and win a night out for 2 at Wendy's.

It's no mystical small-talk that "God is Within" and Delusion is without.  For years and centuries, saints and sages have pointed the way for people to seek the Truth within. And what do they do instead?

Paint eye-balls on ventilation pipes.

So, what?  Does anyone care?


God Bless the alamo.

They were the Texans who said "no" to marijana, and "yes" to Hiroshima.  It's all in the way you fold the dollar.  Could be "origami" or could be "paper airplane" - thrown at the high school teacher in a fit of boredom and disgust.Alamo Graffiti - where the fuck is "cheeto"?

We won the war against Communism, but we lost the war against Ignorance, a much bigger enemy.  And look who we elected once again to "serve" the interests of greed and corruption.  Some things never change.  Only on the inside, beneath their makeup, they get more decrepit as time progresses.


Shocking Blue Graffiti - just ask "Elvis"It's a morning of Shocking Blue, as "engine" and "alamo" ply their metallic trade along the scenic skytrain / victoria passageway.  this graf is old now and may well be onto its 3rd or 4th re-incarnation.   It ain't the most inspiring, but it's either that or an ugly blue cinderblock wall.

There is no excuse for that kind of Blue on the side of a building.  Perhaps if you were born in a Bamboo Cage in a sewer in Taiwan, then shipped to Vancouver in a fortune cookie.  Maybe then.  But maybe not.  Too many have used that excuse before.

And they never lived long enough to defend it.The Chicken Within


"That wasn't chicken".

"That wasn't sushi".

That wasn't Pizza.  That wasn't beer.  That wasn't yesterday.  That wasn't your mother.  That wasn't CNN, that wasn't Larry King.

That wasn't christmas, new years' or halloween.

That wasn't you, me or Ronald McDonald.


Was that your doctor handing you the Steroids, or your pusher handing you the baggie?  Was that your morning fix or your evening break?

Was that dinner on a doorknob or supper with the disciples?

It wasn't chicken because the chicken is within you, and the chicken can't talk any more.


Registered Graffiti


And, although I can't say I'm gonzo over "reg" and the boys, their simple "Registered Graffiti" rainbow promises to nudge my Blues down the corridor. 

So, just for that much hope and a few hops, I pledge another generous SEZ1 POPUP to show the extent of their marijuana-driven maddness.  Graffiti has never had it so mediocre.  Hey, I almost prefer Edmonton's Sally Anne Wall Mural, "The Kingdom Of Hope".

Ghost Graffiti number uno
Ghost Graffiti number two
Uncle Willy by GSL
It's brown, it's light, it's musical, and i'm glad i didn't step in it. Ghosts'R'us while we live and breath carbon monoxide on a Daily Basis, someone, somewhere is taking the flax seed oil supplement, and staying SLIM by eating the RIGHT KIND of FAT.  Now, on the subject of Re-Incarnation ... how much mileage can we get out of President George W Bush?

TWN "slave labor" graffiti

TWN's "genuine slave labor" has that "Soviet" feel to it.  Made in the Gulag Archipelago by displaced Artists and Theorists who once taught high school, but are now teaching penguins.  Short on drugs and long on meditation, these displaced souls could hammer out a licence plate in two minutes flat.

A little sugar for your lumpy head, perhaps?

Asylum in the Sun

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