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Just because their asses are frozen, doesn't mean they can't limp down to Home Depot and pick up some Krylon at $200 per can for a good holiday weekend, along with the usual solvents, glues and other wood-joining materials that help boost spirits in the Land of Frozen Sun.

Seriously, Yukon is a Buddhist Tabernacle.

It's as quiet as a tavern on Sunday morning, a church on Friday night.

There's Eagles, Bears, Boy Scouts, Canoeists, Campers, Kayakers and the odd prostitute.

On a Hydro Utility Box, we spied this unsigned work of art on the left, kind of a Bloody Bonsai Tree, but striking and Zen-Like, none-the-less.

Whitehorse, YT, is a town of 20 grand, a sleepy desolate train station tucked in between prehistoric sand cliffs in a land of Mountains and permafrost.

There's only 2 good painting months there, but daylight until 2 am, so lots of time to sketch your etches and knock back your buds.

Join us for a trip to Canada's Wonderous White North; enjoy the colors!

COASTERS BISTRO is an opening planned to be soon.

One of the fine places to hang your frozen laundry on a weekend night.



There's 2 main Graffiti locations in Whitehorse: the Bridge and the infamous Warehouse District.

The Bridge is on a fine trail that leads up the river: on a sunny day, this makes a fabulous walk for you and the family dog.

The warehouse district, near the cliffs, is where unfortunate and downtrodden youth have their discreet parties on long winter nights in long underwear.




Some decent pieces here; something to discuss with "Sparky", your Alsation Sled Dog, as you drag your load of Beaver Pelts to the Hudson's Bay Company to trade for Weekend Wampum.



More SCENIC BRIDGE GRAFF from the people who invented Pac Man.

Sorrry, but an Owl stole my leotards and beat me to the party.


A few more Scratches and Scribbles from our friendly Underside Decorating Company.

If you can't read it, it means you missed out on Tagger Lango in High School.



PRANX claims this Thirsty tribute to old Vaseline jars.  Simply spelled out for those of us who wear bifocals.

Sorry, but I can't seem to make this go "squiggley" if I stare at it for 5 minutes cross-eyed.


A tribute to some of the Local Talents, Hack One, Each, Gee Cee, New City Slams.

Would you name your dog after an Electric Toaster?


One more Bridge Installation, signed 1984, by GDV and crew.

Most likely done closer to 2006, judging by their warehouse installations.  Can't fool Quinn the Eskimo.

Well, atomic scientists have been known to dream of such things while taking their afternoon naps.


Okay!  A busy town for Murals, could it be?  Call Ian at 633-8446, that is, Area Code 867, and congratulate him on a bit of Punky Hop-Craft on the side of this downtown lean-to.  It certainly brightened up my day by 60 watts or so when we passed this by.  Who says the True North is bleak?


Back to the Warehouse District for more of GDV's famed work;

this piece labeled 2006, "ACES".  We notice a progession of styles, an evolution of abilities here.


All is good today.


Alas and Alack!  More Warehouse Art for our shimmering senses.

N1, GDK, CHRISTINE all seem to be in on this crew, noted to be circa 2006. 

We also note a "1984" tag, perhaps a salute to George Orwell or else maybe Oreo Cookies.

No one knows.


A little more time and money down the tubes in an irrational experiment to see how turpentine affects the artistic senses.  I think the paint thinner won out.

Lost dollars, no cause.


Hidden behind a Shrubbery, some of the nicest art in the the City!

That's a safe bet to make!



Well, we're gettin down there.

Bloody vamp writing graces our faces on more unlucky warehouse rear-ends.

this one is signed duly by DYNAM, MYSTIK, EPIC, and KANABOS.

We're at that period of experimentation with quote marks, halos and arrows.  Me-thinks that's the right combo of furtivity and ink.


Okay, Pray loud enough and Jesus will brighten Thy Day!

over-tagged by "naggers, ncs, HGC and Chanone", this little bumble bee stands as a tribute to Grown Women who wear Bumble-Bee outfits to Important Parades.

We can guess why, but we will remain silent.


That's all we're going to say on this cloudy thursday morning.

It's raining here, it's snowing there.

Well, if you're travelin' in the north country fair,
Where the winds hit heavy on the borderline,
Remember me to one who lives there.
She once was a true love of mine.


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