Sez1 - Graffiti in Canada, Vancouver, Toronto, Edmonton and other remote areas
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This is a chronologian index of journeys along the tracks from 2002 onward. Mostly shot in North Vancouver, New Westminster, Downtown.  Always being upgraded, just like the quality of BC Bud.
A combination of Anarchy, Architecture, and Angst. The silent iron-oxide mammoths reveal their spiritual geometry with handy buttons pushed in Paint Shop Pro to make you feel like the drugs you took last night are still fresh.
This focuses solely on the silent and luminous anatomy of the mammoth vessels as highlighed by an index finger on the button of a Canon A80. A nifty and perfect tool for shooting street'n'track art.
These are caricatures and cartoons portraying humans, animals and nomads of the underworld.  Ghastly and cute, these dear little smiles help us through the most difficult parts of our day.
Because the crafty and sullen "train police" refuse to let me sneak in and shoot the #2 train in-behind the #1 train, I have to gawk between the box-cars with my Canon Eyeball.  I do see some voyeuristic secrets through these decrepit key-holes...
The Writers of Rust & Dust.  Kudos and Hats off to all the Phreaks and Crews who entertain us by transforming "Dinosaurs" into "Eye-Sores". Just kiddin'. These are the hallowed Name-Tags of the folks who bring Rust out of the Dust.
Another really fascinating aspect of TRAINS is the little chalk and pencil scratches that appear like jail-cell heiroglyphs all along the box-cars.  Mostly written by crafty train-workers, these little gems are true Freudian insights into the gruesome routines of "lives on tracks".
Whole Cars is whut it is.  "Whole Cars".  That's when the crew does it up right and dresses up the whole damn show.  They're kind of rare.  But they make the jaw drop. They are exactly the "creme-de-la-creme" of the box-car brushers.  If you get a Whole Car up, you've made the trip to Planet Krylon and back!
Graf is both good and bad.  I can't help shoot the "bad" sometimes, just to say to all you aspiring Spraycan Novices: "here's what NOT to do".  These are sometimes Chemical-affected People ("CAP's"), Angry and Disaffected Youth ("ADY's") or else imbibers of "Liquor-Store-Fish-Paint".  Either way you spell it, it's Clean-up material for Mike and the Anti-Graf Club.
10: CREWS!   Crews are what make some of the bigger pieces - and the more worthwhile pieces - a reality. Good Bombing Science is Teamwork to the max.  Tip your hat to these dudes - they defy the law every day just for you!
11: DOPE SHIT!   Dope Shit is Fresh Shit. Know what that Doggie Bag Smells like?  Dope shit. No more trips to the convenience store while you wait in line listening to people ranting into cell phones. Now you get the Doggie Bag sans le dogg! Fresher than kibbles & bits.
12: NIGHT TRAIN   Night-time. Reduces the fat on souls who need trimming.  Trims the edge off consciousness, memory and shame.  A journey into Limited Light and Unlimited Creative Angst.  Join us for tea on the tracks.
13: GALLERIES   Friday Night. You've had too much coffee.  Your fingers won't stop tapping.  There's no music in your mother's fridge. Only one thing to do: shoot some heroin and look at graffiti pictures wobble. Have fun, then go to Wendy's for Chilli.





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