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What People Do To Cars.

(In Their Spare Time)

This section is about the art of Spraying Cars. Trucks. Delivery Vans.  And others.

We do not support the Vandalization of Cars without express permission, but we do support the Spraying, Scratching, Pissing-On and and otherwise destroying SUV's - which are mostly a sign of Mankind's Arrogance and the Decay of Civilization as we know it.

Getting worked up yet?

Derelict Main Dopers

Always somebody dopin' up those damn Delivery Vans.  Makes you wanna move to Alphabet City and Drink Chicken Soup.  We're very sensitive about these things.  We pray these owners are happy with the muralists' work and that peace prevails where cynicism has been sown.  This was spotted in Bunny Shrinko's neighborhood - Mount Unpleasant - so we'll simply call it MAIN 1. Go there to network with other marginalized souls.

Attention! Your Plazma Van Is Desiring Some Attention!

For lack of Better Banners, we call this one the PLAZMA VAN. Looks like something a hospital would use to deliver blood byproducts to the needy people, on some other planet.  It was spotted near an art show for the now famous Pablo Fiasco, so we suspect the owner came for cheap wine and small talk.  Like all of us, what we get off on in life.  Jesus.

The Flash Van. Located in a picturesque way outside "Bobin Appliances and Food Equipments".   How many food equipments do you need for three squares per day?  How many doctors does it take to screw in a light-bulb?  Is a fat penguin a dead penguin?



OTHER CARS include, but are not limited to, cars driven in New York City by Gangsters, cars driven in Boston by Crack heads, cars driven in Vancouver by Asian Vegetable gangs, and cars driven to the airport by Punjabi Grumpy Cab Inc.


LONSDALE CARPETS steps right up to the plate to keep up with the Joneses by styling their Delivery Van with a unique and home-grown tag.

This type of Urban Guerilla Artwork inspires confidence in their many customers.


skamm van

One More amazing painted Edsel Tit,

right here in front of Inner City Mayhem @ False Creek in Vanocouvers' Uninhabitable Central Drain-pipe.  Nice job folks!


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