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DOWNTOWN:   Where All The Lights Are Bright!


DOWNTOWN is composed of Many Things.

It is the center of trade and commerce.  It is the center of "Head Offices" and Organized Crime, which now, thanks to the corruption of the Vancouver Port Authority and similar governing bodies across Canada, has reached its dirty fingers into both Police Departments and Government offices.

Downtown is where the Centrally-Insane and the Marginally-Decrepit meet on the streets and avoid looking in each others' eyes.  Downtown is where Suburban Dreams become Alleyway Reality, and human lives sputter like Lost Candles on a Stormy Night. 

Index to Artful Spraycan Installations Near You

Go Downtown, do not collect welfare...

Main St
= the old Railway Station at terminal Avenue. This graffiti recorded here is now "history". If your "History Class" was a "Mystery Class" in High School, you'll really rag on this one.  If you missed class because you were smoking drugs, you're well on the way to a Ph.D. - mister "Rainy Day"!


Cordova: take your chances with Romances..

The name smells like dead pidgeons and steamy chinese cafe's. This pit of iniquity is also a thing of the Past, a Mothball in the soup of your Inner Soul. We feature the Rollercoaster of Kwosa and "Teddy Bowel" - our Archeologically-Incorrect can of Psychological Worm Warfare. America, Be Ready.

Gastown: Trap the Tourists, esp if they don't speak English!
The back Alleyways in Gastown are full of Cowboys & Indians, Piss and Graffiti. Life's redeeming lessons can be learned elsewhere.  Stay at home, play it safe.  But, occasionally, we'll glimpse the renditions of Raw Wisdom and stolen Sharpie pens, installed on the back-doorways of Purgatory, for you, bourgeois reader, to sip at your leisure.


Pender St > The

Pender St
has a missing tooth, just like an aging Eskimo's dentures. In this empty space, little Graf Angels filled the cracks with Paintcan Mythology and deadly bacteria.  Join us as we strive to acknowledge their magnificence!

Granville North: is it creepier INSIDE the theatres or OUTSIDE?  Riddle me this, you little Bat-Mobile!

If you really wanna see a movie, you got 2 choices.  You can watch teenagers in exploding cars in any of the popcorn-reeking "famous players" cinemas on North Granville.  Or you can simply walk the streets and alleys and enjoy a new movie every day. Life at its dreariest, weariest, and queeriest. North Granville will take you there.

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