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North Battleford, SK

We open this morning's Pleasure Drift, with acknowledgement to
North Battleford's Freedom Skate & Snowboard Shop, the best &
only place in North Battleford, Saskatachewan, to find Graffiti.

(They're also on Facebook, here... !)

They've got an awesome mural under the wall of their shop, right
under their iconic shop logo, "Freedom" (you guessed it!), and
there's some sick throwups on this wall, just check out the juice
below, People of the Gopher Flatland Farmer Trucker Breakfast
All-Day-BBQ Grille!!

This piece - which I title "AWOK" is perhaps a takeoff on
"Awake!" the Jehova Witnesses' Newsletter that they used
to give you at the door, when they showed up at an embarrassing
time, and you answered the door naked. Cosmic congruences of
Green and Purple, one of my all-time fave color combo's!


Ok, this piece is signed THEORY, which we know is one of the
best graff artists of all time. His stuff is on trains, walls, murals
and EVERYWHERE. I don't know if this is the 'real' THEORY, or
just a THEORY of what the THEORY really is. Until reality will
occur, we'll just have to call this a "theory"...!!


Here's one of those "scissor squizzle" pieces which I can't for the life of me
interpret, so I just try to steady my gaze on the tip of my nose and wait 'til
Reality gels a bit and I can see into the fortune cookie of the future and reveal
what it holds for all us Hockey-Watching Canadian peasants. Are you real, eh?


This one's an absolute 'squawker'.  It reeks of violence, guns, speed, too much
sugar, too much time on the iPhone and breaking various mundane laws in the
suburbs.  However, it's one of the coolest in its architecture and originality! Yo!


This one is kind of a "Kosher Alligator" or large rambling armoured beast
that eats small immigrant people as they walk aimlessly down the street,
in a prairie small town that dreams of rain. Nice lettering folks! Gotta love
green & Elizabeth May etc! right?


Perhaps "TAZ" would be my guess at this "psychic-sixties-pop-icon" tag
in a back door, almost hidden, behind the Freedom Skate and Snow Shoppe.
Love the lightness, brevity and gravity of this piece! Excellent tagging mr 22!


We now pause for Station Identification and a small plug for the Freedom Snow and Skate Supply.
Snow, they definitely have here in central Saskatchewan, and plenty of cold.  Winter Starts on Oct 1st,
and continues until June 30th. So, count those skating days and make the best of 'em!

Thanks Dudes for your amazing art,
for contributing to Canada's Street Art Scene,
and for enduring a City with Minimal Culture
in the heart of Retired Farmer Land!!


last but not least:
Did you know that Jeep Wranglers come
Customized with Unique Graff now?


chill, por flavor!

click here to check out MOOSE JAW!
(it's in the same Province as North Battleford, folks!)

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