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SEZ1.COM is a conglomerate Art Form.

The invisible thoughts and unspoken words in the twisted labyrinths of mankind's subconscious get a chance for expression and color on these pages.  None of the art-forms represented here are the property of one person, but are the communal responsibility of Mankind At Large.

SEZ1 was put together with the help and blessings of P Jaccuzzi, Hazbro, Don Wimmin, Bunny Shrinko, Peeker, WeJi, and numerous other Angels and Visitors Of The Sublime Realm.

ALTHOUGH the "flavor" of our narratives are sarcastic and irreverent, none of it's true; it's only painted with the same sprawling and angry toothbrush that gives temporary festivity to the Alleyways of All Our Sacred Downtown Detours.

SEZ1 would like to acknowledge and thank all the Graffiti Artists across our Great Nation and the Great World at large for contributing their efforts, thoughts, visions and dreams, no matter how Grandiose, no matter how Trivial. You all make the world a more interesting place to live.  You bring color to our bland boxes and walls.  Through my website, I endeavor to give life and animation to your material.  Through your material you give life and animation to my website.



Sez1's Philosophy On Graffiti...

From day one, the human soul is confounded in its search for freedom, love, expression and dignity.  This is partly due to the incumbent traps built into mind and society, and partly due to the inherent inertia in societies, institutions and individuals that prevent and discourage pushing the envelope of our individual or communal perceptions.

Color and creativity are the birthright of man.  The grey walls we erect in the spirit of division and privacy are mere betrayals to the human spirit and manifestations of the "disconnectedness" of sentient beings.  The gridwork of "civilized man" is only a trap, constructed by the unenlightened mind to maintain order, control and imprisonment of the human spirit.  Grey walls, square cells, asphalt and freeways, tracks and tankers, skyscrapers and diesel engines - these are all outward manifestations of mankind's troubled and faulty dominion over "external nature" - as in Mother Earth, and "internal nature" - as in Father Soul.

When color escapes from between the cracks of Mankind's troubled façade, our rigid and armored "controller" panics.  From an early age, the child's crayons are removed, his face is slapped for nothing other than pure self-expression.  The child in us all is then institutionalized and forced to become just another square peg in a square hole.  Although many of us succumb and crawl whimpering to the slaughterhouse, there are also many who protest and many who walk their own path.  You don't need to live on the street, you don't need to spray-paint walls, you don't need to succumb to addictions, you don't need to run from reality.  You just need to speak with you own true voice.

And paint with your own true colors.







Mankind is a spectrum.  Different faces, voices, choices.  Each is right, not one is wrong. The only "wrong" is enforcing your "right" on anyone beyond the tip of your own nose.  Grey walls are a disease, as are angry words defacing grey walls.  Somewhere in-between, the wise man seeks balance.  If man hides behind grey walls, he loses his wisdom.  If man defaces in anger, he loses his wisdom.  Between the grey walls and the angry tagger, there lies a rainbow.  Elusive, temporal, delicate.  Much like the rainbows you see after a storm.

This Rainbow will come one day.  But it won't come from walls and it won't come from paint.  It'll come from the crumbling of Inner Walls, and Painting of Inner Rainbows on the Canvas of the Heart.  That's the only way it'll come.  All the other soldiers will remain soldiers, and their battles will never be won.

Until that time, Art will remain a Crime.  There is no "right position" and no "wrong position" on it.  There is only "your position" and "my position".

Our position is this: a painted wall is far more inspiring than a grey wall.  Feelings expressed are far more alive and vital than feelings suppressed.  Howling at the moon is far more delightful than standing in the corner politely with your hands folded.


What's your position?



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