Sez1 - Graffiti in Canada, Vancouver, Toronto, Edmonton and other remote areas
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Vancouver is also known as
Vancouver: Beaches, Commercial Drive, Cordova, Esplanade, Hastings, Main, Mosquito Creek, SkyTrain, VanEast. Bring your hypodermic and your hookah.
Go to Toronto and Live in a Shoebox!
Toronto: Queen Street east of Spadina. This is a cool, trendy, hip-hopping blend of bizarre, baroque and broken.  Become a big-city Fart.
Edmonton is Deadmonton!
Edmonton: you feel like you're living in a Department Store. Check out the West Edmonton Mall if you're in High School and like to chew gum.
Go to France and smoke a Gitanes!
Foreign: Belgium, France, Spuzzum, places with little sidewalk café's, checkered table-cloths and Sacred Cows wandering freely thru the streets.
Roller Skate for Fun and Glory!
Skate-Parks: It's the board-game of Life, the folly of youth and the effects of too much espresso in little bodies.  My condolences to their poor ligaments and tendons.
Take a Train to Texas! Bring your gun!
Trains: These friendly locomotives are everywhere now. Even on the ceiling of certain "trendy" health food stores. Under massive re-construction. Have patience my dear Watson.
Go Beyond Your Mother's BAck Yard!
Miscellaneous & Beyond. It's been a pleasure serving you. Leave a tip when you go, or I'll elope with your elephant!
Get down and throw up!
News: What's going on in the World Of Graffiti? Do you really give a shit? Or are you just picking your nose on a Saturday night, wondering why you're still single after all these years?


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