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Click for A Dip in Iceland Village!

ICELAND - Think it's all barren there with Vikings telling jokes about Swiss Army Knives at the local bar and habadasherie? Well you're right! Atilla the Hun and Lucky Leif Erikson left their legacy, but it's writers like ZIEBRAZ that spell "promise" for the streets of Reykjavik and Kopavogur. Zieb's thing is "bunnies" - we can only guess how that ties into the Icelandic creed, but it's a good time for all.  Check it out!

Take a Trip to Fish-Stick Land!
BELGIUM #1 - Belgium is a place where people eat fish sticks and drink beer.  We visited Belgium briefly, just enough time to quaff a few golden sudzies and check out the Wall Affairs - which were few and far-between.  But damn interesting, I must say.  Enjoy our Belgium Pages!  BELGIUM #2  BELGIUM #3
don't go to Seattle, you'll fall asleep!
SEATTLE - Nothin' much shakin' here...
Clickenze ici pour le schtick de poisson!
SWITZERLAND! Introducing the work of NIK from the Swiss Bank Account.
Click to see Europe on 2 bucks a day!
NEW YORK! Try some Alphabet soup in this City of Lost Souls.  It'll warm your chicken gizzard.
Go to Cuba, Shoot Fidel, Have a beer.

CUBA - The eyes of a Dreamer.  Club Med is the Tylenol you take to keep the Poverty at Bay.

Ride to Moose Jaw on a Dead Dog!

MOOSE JAW - Everything you always wanted in a Mosquito. From drunken farmers to Indian Sweat Lodges and broken buses.

Go to Victoria BC and Shrivel Your Winner

VICTORIA! - From the Queen's Nostril to Green SwampLand with No Alligators, this tranquilzed park is a place go retire or sniff deoderant samples at department stores.

Fly North Young Boy!

YUKON - Take a Dog Sled to Bombay Peggy's Goodtime Saloon and spend your Yankee Dollars on some REAL BEER.

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